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A Patient Talks About Wave Therapy

Ken F. was sitting in the waiting room of South County Urological when he noticed a brochure about a new treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). Unlike other ED treatments, it did not require pills, injections or surgery.

Called wave therapy, the novel treatment uses low-intensity shockwaves to increase penile blood flow and stimulate the creation of new blood vessels. Most erectile dysfunction is caused by problems with blood flow to the penis.

Ken, who was at South County Urological for a general prostate checkup, decided to ask Dr. Abe Hawatmeh about the new therapy for ED. “I liked that it was non-invasive,” said the 74-year old.

In the past, Ken says he would have dismissed the new technology, believing that “nothing would work” for him — a man married almost 55 years, a grandfather and great grandfather. But he trusted the work and reputation of Dr. Hawatmeh. “I wasn’t going to go to some clinic,” he said.

The low-intensity shockwave therapy worked. Ken noticed a slight improvement after his third treatment and a definite improvement by his fifth, waking up to nocturnal erections.  “It was like the good old days,” he said with a chuckle. 

Ken will have eight treatments. “It’s not uncomfortable and Dr. Hawatmeh and his staff put me at ease.”

Ken and his wife are happy with his decision to ask about and receive wave therapy. “It’s improved the quality of my life as far as intimate relations.”

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