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September is National Prostate Month

Basic Info about the Prostate:

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that surrounds the urethra, and is located in front of the rectum, between the bladder and penis. Its primary function is to produce the fluid that transports sperm. Muscles of the prostate also propel ejaculate during male orgasm.

The prostate doubles in size during puberty. It starts to grow again when a man reaches age 50 or so. This can result in urinary conditions associated with an enlarged prostate or BPH. Both BPH and prostate cancer share some of the same symptoms. However, age is the most common risk factor for prostate cancer. The older a man becomes, the greater his chances are for developing prostate cancer.

When It's Time to Schedule Your Annual Prostate Exam:

We don't just treat symptoms; we look for their causes.

Sometimes, prostate cancer mimics other conditions, such as an enlarged prostate. Likewise, ED may be caused by undiagnosed diabetes or heart disease. That’s why we do a thorough work up at South County Urological. We conduct a digital rectal exam and PSA blood test. We will also examine your urine for the presence of blood that could indicate a kidney stone. Patients are also given a symptom checklist to help us determine the severity of urinary problems or level of erection dysfunction.
You can expect more from South County Urological because we do more.

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