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What’s the ‘big deal’ about testosterone hormone pellet therapy?

How about convenience, for starters.

For years, men with low testosterone (low T) have relied on pills, creams, gels or injections to boost their sagging hormone levels and relieve symptoms such as a decrease in sex drive and energy, and depression.

But pills must be taken daily. Creams and gels can cause side effects like skin reactions and urinary changes. They can also cause side effects in women and children who come into contact with them on the patient’s skin or his clothing. And because 50% of men don’t absorb the gel or cream properly, topical treatments can be less effective. While injections may be weekly or biweekly, you still have to deal with the pain of needles. Testosterone levels may also spike and drop with hormone injections.

Sheesh! What’s a guy to do? Talk to your physician about hormone pellet therapy.

Pellets can balance hormone levels that occur as men age. They release a slow and steady supply of testosterone that can last months before another insertion is required.

We use BioTE® hormone therapy pellets. BioTE is a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that is delivered via tiny pellets, inserted below the skin, in the upper buttocks. Each pellet is about the size of a single piece of long grain rice. The dose and number of pellets required is personalized to each patient and based upon lab tests. ’Bioidentical’ means that the pellets are structurally and molecularly the same as the hormone (testosterone) produced by the body.

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