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Still Wondering About Having A PSA Test?

Early midlife PSA can predict future prostate cancer risk.

An international study spanning 27 years of follow-up has found that men with high PSA values during midlife were more likely to die from prostate cancer decades later. These men had PSA values in the highest 10th percentile. Prostate values are indicated by a number, which indicates the level of a prostate specific protein in the blood. There should be very little of the protein the blood. A high prostate value indicates a problem with the prostate.

Researchers with the study found that men 45-49 years of age whose PSA level was equal to or greater than 1.6, and men 51-55 years of age whose PSA level was equal to or greater than 2.4, were at high risk for prostate cancer and should be carefully monitored.

The study, conducted by researchers in Sweden and the USA, was published in the British Medical Journal.

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