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Hormone Pellet Therapy (BioTE®)

Hormone pellets are tiny, custom-compounded therapies inserted under the skin to provide symptom relief from hormonal imbalances, such as low testosterone or Low T. BioTE is a testosterone replacement therapy that’s administered via pellets.

How is pellet therapy performed?

During an office visit, the insertion site is numbed and a small incision is made in the upper buttocks, just underneath the skin. The pellets are inserted, and a small bandage is placed over the insertion site. The procedure is quick and relatively painless.

Each pellet session is tailored to the individual. Dosing is based on the patient’s height, weight, labs, and activity status. The pellets slowly release testosterone over time. On average, a man requires a pellet implant every five months.

How safe is hormone pellet therapy?

BioTE is a bioidentical hormone with an excellent safety profile. Its manufacturer goes beyond what is required from the FDA regarding purity of their product. It’s not a synthetic hormone like that used in injections. Structurally, BioTE is the same hormone (testosterone) that’s produced by the body.

How does it compare to other treatments?

Although gels and creams are popular for testosterone replacement, a significant number of men do not absorb these medications properly. Another important point with BioTE is that the patient doesn’t have to remember to take a medication everyday or administer a shot once or twice a week. Additionally, patients avoid the roller coaster effect of injections, and the pain associated with needles.

However, like many other hormone replacement therapies, BioTE is not covered by insurance.

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