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Diet-induced ED may benefit from exercise

1474436_507538209354153_1486886261_nSex & (Ahem…) Size

Your lovemaking may be suffering if you’re a guy with sizable love handles. Obesity can affect a man’s sexual function.  It can interfere with blood flow and can cause the male hormone, testosterone, to plummet. Many blame our Western-style diet and its associated weight gain.

Eastern Carolina University researchers put rats on a junk-food diet to test the affects of aerobic exercise.  For 12 weeks, the researchers fed one group of rodents food high in sugar and fat. The other group ate healthy rat chow.  Half of the animals in both test groups exercised by running on a treadmill five days a week. The researchers’ findings? Rats who ate a Western style diet and stayed sedentary developed ED. Rats who ate the high-sugar high-fat Western-style diet and exercised improved their erectile dysfunction and the function of vessels that supply blood to the heart.

Caveat: Instead of reaching for donut, grab a dumbbell instead.

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